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A boat with 31 North Korea citizens drifted into South Korea waters and was picked up. ┬áNorth Korea being the kind of place that people sometimes don’t like going back to, four are trying to stay: North Korea on March 5 made a fresh demand for the repatriation of all 31 citizens whose boat drifted […]
As has been noted in several places, this is one hell of an interesting cable. The upshot is that South Korean officials seem to believe that North Korea will collapse in a fairly short interval after the death of Kim Jong Il, and that a few Chinese policymakers have suggested that China is prepared to […]
I suspect that the crew of the Cheonan might dispute this headline from Reuters: North Korea shells South in fiercest attack in decades I suppose we run into definitional issues, and it’s true that the latest shelling has killed civilians. However, torpedoing a patrol ship without warning (even if the warship was in a disputed […]
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