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This is the grave of Louis Brandeis. Born in 1856 in Louisville to secular Jewish immigrant parents from Prague, Brandeis grew up there mostly, although the family did return to Europe for a few years in the 1870s when the American economy slumped. The Brandeis family were relatively prosperous merchants who had the resources to […]
On May 1, 1899, Florence Kelley began her work for the National Consumers’ League. Not only was the Consumers League a critical organization in the fight against child labor, but Kelley established herself and middle-class women more broadly as key allies in the struggle for dignified labor in the United States and made labor feminism […]
On November 26, 1910, a factory building in Newark, New Jersey caught on fire, killing 25 textile workers. This should have been a call to arms for workplace safety reform, but because it was in Newark and wealthy people did not see the people making their clothing die, nothing happened. The situation would be very […]
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