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This is the grave of Matthew Brady. Probably born in 1822 in New York (there is a bit of conflicting testimony about both facts, with some believing he was born in Ireland), the young Brady studied locally to become an artist. But in 1839, he met Samuel F.B. Morse, who had brought daguerreotype technology back […]

Dying Steel Towns

On November 7, 2015

The steel industry in the United States declined for reasons a bit more complicated than a lot of other industries. It wasn’t so much that steel manufacturers moved overseas so much as the U.S.

Viewing the Great Depression

In General
On August 31, 2014
Between 1935 and 1945, photographers employed by the Farm Security Administration documented the nation and its people as it suffered through and emerged from the Great Depression. 170,000 images remain. Yale University has now placed them online for your exploration and you can even explore by county, which is incredibly awesome. Have fun!! More here.
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