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On August 29, 1933, the National Miners Union shut down mines in Gallup, New Mexico. This labor action, which in many ways pitted Mexican miners against Navajo miners, demonstrates the racial complexity of American labor history and how different cultural practices around politics and work can have a significant impact on the success of a […]

Lynching Mexicans

On February 20, 2015

When that great study detailing the numbers of African-Americans lynched in the South came out last week, I noted that its weaknesses included that lynching was not confined to the South and that lots

Latino Lynchings

On July 13, 2014

We think of lynching as something whites did to African-Americans and that was of course often the case. But the use of extralegal violence to eliminate perceived threats without a trial was pretty co

I’ve been waiting for about 5 years for Cesar Chavez’s public reputation to face serious challenge. After Chavez’s death, he became a hero nearly on the level of Martin Luther King. Due to his fasts and his deep commitment to improving the plight of Mexican-American farmworkers, Chavez became an uncomplicated hero to progressives of all […]
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