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The Battle for History Education

In General
On February 13, 2021
Someday, we are going to look back and realize that the early 21st century was both the period when universities stopped hiring history professors and the period where people were literally dying in the streets over interpretations of the past (Charlottesville, specifically). The interpretation of history is a literal battleground that places a huge role […]

Arkansas Larnin’

On January 26, 2021

The good people of Arkansas are making sure their kids get taught Real American history, by which they mean white supremacist narratives. Two bills introduced during the 2021 Arkansas legislative sess

Oklahoma is moving to reject Advanced Placement U.S. History curriculum because it doesn’t believe the new standards say that America is awesome enough: State Rep. Dan Fisher (R) introduced a bill at the beginning of the month that keeps the state from funding AP U.S. History unless the College Board changes the curriculum. The bill […]
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