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On May 9, 1909, Japanese sugar workers in Hawaii walked off the job in the first major strike action among these workers. It was far from the last and it was a direct challenge to the racialized hierarchy of work the imperialist Americans had erected in their unjustly taken colony. In the mid-nineteenth century, white […]
On January 20, 1920, Filipino sugar workers on Oahu, Hawaii, went on strike to demand higher pay. Japanese workers soon joined them and this multiracial strike led to minimal victory for workers and, even rarer, a cross-racial strike with significant solidarity that helped create that victory. Hawaii became a target of U.S. imperialism from almost […]
December 7, 1941. Asian colonial power attacks U.S. colonial outposts in Hawaii and Philippines. Next 74 years sees no awareness by Americans that racist colonialism of Japan and racist colonialism of the United States have a lot in common. Now, that’s being flippant. And yes, the Japanese occupation of the Philippines was exceptionally brutal. But […]


On November 28, 2012

Do you like to dive? Do you like cool colorful tropical fish? Do you like coral reefs? If you do, take advantage now because they are going away very, very fast. In another 50 years, coral reefs will

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