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DB: In honor of Memorial Day, I offer the observations of my cousin. ——————————— The scary part for me, on this Memorial Day, is how separate from the military most Americans are. With such a small percentage of the population serving in the military, people’s every day lives are not impacted. This is not a bad […]

Off to Florida…

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On May 31, 2009
I am about to leave for Florida, on my annual pilgrimage to the ETS AP Comparative Government scoring session. I don’t consider this a full vacation, and may still blog sporadically; posting will be at a much lower rate than normal, however. Filling in will be UW trained political scientist David Brockington, who is all […]

Off to Seattle…

On May 7, 2009

All, I am off to Seattle for a week, and aside from a couple of preset posts will be taking a break from blogging until Saturday, May 16. Until then Charli Carpenter of Duck of Minerva will be filling

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