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I think the Endangered Species Act is really quite underrated in the history of transformative American legislation. Everyone knows about it on a basic level, but it’s role in saving entire ecosystems from industrial production is really quite remarkable. Take the marbled murrelet. People know about the northern spotted owl and the role it played […]

Blue Whales

On September 10, 2014

It seems that the eastern North Pacific population of blue whales has recovered to its pre-hunting totals–about 2200. 2200 animals makes it pretty easy to drive an animal to extinction. I was ju


On August 12, 2014

Have to give Yao Ming a lot of credit. He could have taken the Jordan/Kobe/(to a lesser extent) LeBron path of superstardom, but instead he has engaged in political causes. Going the Jabbar/Ali/Jim Br


On July 8, 2014

This is a useful graphic on habitat loss for charismatic mammals. And I know that big green groups rely on the shock and awe value of this kind of thing to fundraise. But it would also be interesting

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