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Some damage is hard to fix. The UK government needs to be “less deferential” towards the US and more willing to say no to Washington, a group of MPs have said. The Commons Foreign Affairs committee also said it was wrong to speak of “the special relationship” with the US, as it was fostering other […]
Faster, South Carolina, faster! South Carolina will no longer recognize U.S. currency as legal tender, if State Rep. Mike Pitts has his way. Pitts, a fourth-term Republican from Laurens, introduced legislation earlier this month that would ban what he calls “the unconstitutional substitution of Federal Reserve Notes for silver and gold coin” in South Carolina. […]

Push Poll!

On January 24, 2010

The wife and I were push-polled moments ago by a Family Research Council. As best I recall these were the questions: Do you support taxpayer funding of abortions? Do you favor the 50% cut in Medicare

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