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This is the grave of Billy Sherrill. Born in Phil Campbell, Alabama in 1936, Sherrill’s father was a preacher. But it didn’t stick to young Billy. Instead, he found the glorious sin of music. He started off on the piano and then learned the sax, playing in lots of bands as a teenager. He toured […]
This is the grave of Roy Acuff. Born in 1903 in Maynardville, Tennessee to a fairly prominent family for that poor region of the South, Roy Acuff grew up surrounded by music. While his family were doctors and preachers and state legislators, they were also fiddlers and piano players. In 1919, his family moved to […]
This is the grave of Patsy Cline. Born Virginia Hensley in 1932 in Winchester, Virginia, to a seamstress mother and blacksmith father who later abandoned the family in 1947, Cline dropped out of school when her father left and worked a variety of low-end jobs to help make ends meet. She also loved singing and […]

Music Notes

On February 17, 2018

The main musical story in my life in the last couple of weeks is the discovery of Cocaine and Rhinestones, a podcast on the history of country music by the son of David Allan Coe. It’s pretty gr

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