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The Center for Public Integrity is running a great series on how corporations buy scientists. These hack-scientists are truly horrible humans. At 2:15 in the morning, an insomniac corporate defense lawyer in San Francisco finished crafting a “revolutionary” scientific theory. Now Evan Nelson of the law firm Tucker Ellis & West needed a scientist willing […]


On August 5, 2014

Michael Hiltzik on one of the most insidious American corporate activities of the New Gilded Age–moving their official operations abroad to nations with lower corporate tax rates while keeping a

Right-wing judges have consistently narrowed the use of American courts in recent years to crack down on corporations who engage in extremely egregious behavior abroad that violates human rights. Such is the case in the recent decision by a Reagan-appointed judge to throw out a lawsuit against Chiquita (formerly United Fruit) for paying Colombian paramilitary […]
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