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The Labor and Working-Class History Association has started a new blog called Labor Online. I was asked to be a contributing editor. Here’s my first post, on the United Mine Workers attacks on environmentalists and the Democratic Party and how workers allow companies to blind them to corporate malfeasance by buying into blaming environmentalists for […]

Black Lung

On July 9, 2012

NPR, along with Ken Ward at Coal Tattoo, provide the day’s most powerful and disturbing story: the return of black lung disease to coal miners. Despite the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Ac

Jay Rockefeller deserves major kudos for finally calling out the coal industry for lying to workers and the state that the EPA and environmentalists are costing coal jobs: This EPA rule – two decades in the making – also moves utility companies ahead on employing technologies that will help guarantee coal jobs well into the […]
I guess every day is more or less the same in coal industry. What does such a day include? First, they kill a worker. Second, they bilk the American taxpayers, making huge profits. Specifically, they buy Wyoming coal for $1.11 per ton, sell it to China for $123 per ton. Third, when conservative activist groups […]
A couple of weeks ago, I slammed United Mine Workers President Cecil Roberts for attacking the Environmental Protection Agency. I have a piece up at Alternet exploring this issue in greater detail. An excerpt: It makes little sense for Roberts to side with the coal companies on the EPA or anything else. The companies have […]
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