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The Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation have a long essay on how the media has completely failed to cover climate change: Yet at a time when civilization is accelerating toward disaster, climate silence continues to reign across the bulk of the US news media. Especially on television, where most Americans still get their news, […]

Earth Day

On April 22, 2019

I’m in New Bedford to give a talk on the connections and problems between the labor and environmental movements. Happy times on this Earth Day! Climate change is coming and we are going to do ab

Triaging Climate

On January 24, 2019

We are well past the point of saving the planet in any way that keeps much of its ecological integrity or species. We are at the point that we can, at best, triage the climate to make things as least


On December 6, 2018

Fifty years ago, it felt like humans were going to take saving the planet seriously. We made great progress. Unfortunately, bad presidents such as Ronald Reagan and Kindly Old Moderate George Bush wen

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