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This is the grave of Lewis Hine. Born in 1874 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Hine was middle class but suffered through his father dying in an accident when the boy was a child. But Hine was a skilled student and studied sociology at the University of Chicago, Columbia, and NYU. He was also fascinated with photography. […]

Child Labor Notes

On February 27, 2020

While the nation only cares about the presidential election, the routine daily horrors of the world continue without abatement and it’s high time we remember that these things are happening and

On June 3, 1918, the Supreme Court, in the case of Hammer v. Dagenhart, overturned the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act, once again proving a reactionary force in the fight for Americans to live decent lives. Child labor was a gigantic problem in early twentieth century America. Children as young as seven at times could be […]
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