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On February 28, 2008
Feral Mom admits to having conversed from time to time about books she hasn’t actually read. [A]s I reflect on my literary sins, I have to admit that Pride and Prejudice is just the tip of this fraudulent iceberg. There’s all sorts of books that I’ve fronted like I read–so effectively, in some cases, that […]


On January 22, 2008

About he best I can say about this award is that winning it might be slightly more prestigious than emerging victorious from a mayonnaise-eating contest. Perusing the list of some of the finalists, we

Over the break I finished Vincent O’Hara’s U.S. Navy Against the Axis. I strongly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the Pacific War, and in surface naval combat in the 20th century in general. O’Hara makes the argument that surface combat in the Pacific is tremendously understudied, and that it contributed far more […]
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