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On July 11, 1892 striking silver miners in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho blew up the Frisco Mill, a mine building filled with guards, after getting into a firefight with Pinkertons, killing two mine employee and taking about 60 mine guards prisoner. This led the governor of Idaho to declare martial law over the mining district, crushing […]


On July 5, 2012

Who wants to hear William Jennings Bryan give his Cross of Gold speech? Recorded in 1923. Surely not with the power of 1896, but still. Bryan’s voice starts at about 1:00. Via Greg Mitchell

On this day in 1894, the American Railway Union, headed by Eugene Debs, called a nationwide boycott in solidarity with their striking members at Pullman, Illinois. This action turned a small strike into one of the largest labor actions in the nation to that date, led to the pioneering use of the injunction to crush […]
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