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This is the grave of Daniel Tobin. Born in 1875 in County Clare, Ireland (here we have another example of the gravestone likely having an incorrect date), he grew up in middling circumstances in Ireland. His father was a shopkeeper. With economic opportunities limited, Tobin, like so many other Irish of the era, migrated to […]
The vast majority of American historical monuments were constructed between about 1880 and 1930 or so. This means that most of them in some way reflect white supremacy, truly a bipartisan and national belief in these years. We’ve paid a ton of attention to dismantling Civil War monuments in recent years and this is great. […]

The Trump Coast

On June 12, 2021

This Bloomberg story on Trump in Florida is really just amazing. A few choice bits: Tossed from the White House, banished from Facebook and Twitter, Trump has never seemed more distant from public con

Republicans are about as honest discussing the history of their January coup attempt as they are about discussing the history of the Civil War. Greg Sargent’s discussion of the Senate report on the January 6 coup attempt is quite damning. It’s sometimes said that history is written by the victors, but if Republicans get their […]
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