Author: Elizabeth Nelson

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Uh oh. This was the initial thought that crossed my mind when I saw the news on Friday that Bob Dylan had released his first original song since 2012’s LP Tempest. The timing, coinciding with the terrifying spread of the global Covid-19 pandemic, naturally seemed auspicious. The accompanying tweet was vintage Dylan myth-building through understatement: […]
Over at The Ringer, I wrote about the startling new Drive-By Truckers LP ‘The Unraveling’: a scary, funny and mesmerizing howl of dissent which seeks to light a path to personal redemption amidst the roiling, septic sea of contemporary American corruption. DBT is dedication to work personified. They belong to a pre-boomer mentality that believes […]
50 years ago this month CCR released Willy and the Poor Boys, their third great LP of 1969. Over at The Ringer, I wrote about the band’s legacy, the draft, and the forgotten fault lines of class that animated this angriest of responses to the Vietnam War. There is much “protest music” associated with the […]

This past week I became intrigued and not a little bit concerned about a news story involving a faculty member at Indiana University, where I did my graduate work. It seems that a tenured professor of

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