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The Hunter Biden trial farce


Here’s an excellent summary from a former DOJ prosecutor and white collar criminal law expert on the legal travesty that is the current trial of Hunter Biden for the crime of lying on a federal form when he purchased a gun (that he possessed for a total of eleven days and never used) while addicted to drugs.

I’ve noticed a distinct lack of willingness in liberal and left circles to even discuss this subject. The reasons are pretty obvious:

(1) Hunter Biden is a train wreck of a human being — a hyper-privileged nepo baby failson, who has used and abused his background to inflict enormous damage on those closest to him, as well as himself.

(2) He is in fact guilty of the crime with which he’s been charged.

(3) This prosecution is at least in theory a useful rhetorical counter to the endless Republican bullshit about “lawfare” and the “weaponized” DOJ, although the prosecution of scumbags like Bob Menendez and Henry Cuellar give the lie to those claims much more forcefully.

All this may be true — I’m skeptical about the usefulness of (3), since obviously all claims about the persecution via prosecution of Donald Trump are nonsense on their face, and the people who are making those claims are either hopelessly delusional cult members, or hopelessly cynical hacks — but the fact remains that the prosecution of Hunter Biden is, in equitable terms, a farce. He’s being prosecuted for a crime that is basically never charged as a free-standing offense, as opposed to part of a larger prosecution, and, on the rare occasions when it is charged, is almost inevitably pled out.

The reason it’s not being pled out here — and it’s truly striking that no one is paying attention to this aspect of the proceedings — is because a Trumpist federal judge rejected the perfectly reasonable plea deal the DOJ had already made with Hunter Biden’s lawyers, because of shrieking from various right wing Congressional monkey boys.

Because of that, we’re being treated to the spectacle of things like Beau Biden’s widow being tortured on the stand by federal prosecutors — a spectacle that is ultimately a consequence of Joe Biden’s catastrophic appointment of the honorable Merrick Garland as Attorney General of the United States:

In the wake of Trump’s recent criminal conviction in Manhattan, most Republicans in Congress seem to have decided that they will echo Trump’s claim that he is the victim of an amorphous, multipronged conspiracy between federal prosecutors and local prosecutors in New York and Georgia to take him down at the behest of Biden.

The theory makes almost no sense, since (as I have noted before) the reason that all of these cases exist is precisely because the president and Attorney General Merrick Garland failed to pursue Trump’s potential criminal misconduct aggressively after Trump left office and foolishly allowed local prosecutors to fill the void.

So are they all, all honorable men.

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