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Elite lawyer brain is killing us


It’s difficult to overstate what an absolutely astonishing own goal Merrick Garland scored by appointing Robert Hur to lead the Biden documents case.

Hur was nominated by Donald Trump to be the US Attorney for the District of Maryland. US Attorney positions are extremely important POLITICAL appointments. It’s routine for all or nearly all the USAs appointed by one presidential administration to resign their offices within a few weeks after a new administration comes into office, assuming of course that the new administration represents the other major party. That’s because it doesn’t make any more sense for a Republican USA to keep his job under a Democratic president than for a Republican head of an administrative agency to keep his job when a Democrat takes office.

Again, these are POLITICAL positions, that involve making POLITICALLY charged judgments, because as various observers have noted in recent centuries, there’s a close relationship between law and politics at all but the most routine levels of legal decision making.

So why did Merrick Garland do this incredibly stupid and reckless thing? Let me give you the inside scoop here, having spent the last 38 years or so hanging around the vestibule of the Elite Lawyer Club, which I myself would never join for Marxist (Groucho) reasons. Because Robert Hur was Executive Editor of the Stanford Law Review, and clerked for the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and was a partner at Gibson Dunn, and somebody with that kind of impeccable legal pedigree wouldn’t ever be a partisan hack, because if he was that would call into question the impeccable judgment of the other Elite Lawyers who anointed appointed him to those exalted offices, where Objective Legal Analysis always wins out over Partisan Political Considerations, because only the Very Best People get those kinds of jobs, because . . .

OK I can’t do this any more.

Merrick Garland should be fired immediately. He has one of the most important jobs in the United States, and he’s absolutely terrible at it, which is a bad combination, especially when there’s a little light sedition in the air. Yes I get it that Biden would take a big political hit in the short term for doing this absolutely warranted a thousand times over thing, but first, the public has the attention span of a fruit fly, and second, riddle me this:

What ELSE is Merrick Garland going to do between now and November?

This guy might as well be a Republican plant, but the really sad part is that I don’t doubt for a second that he’s as sincere as Linus in the pumpkin patch, waiting for the Spirit of the Law to bring presents to all the good little boys and girls, who got an A in Civil Procedure at Harvard Law School back in the day, before things got ruined by Critical Legal Studies and all this so-called “rap” music.

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