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Right wing choads and school dress codes


The only thing missing from the demands of Suzanne Thomas, a member of the Hamilton Southeastern School Board, is a ban on patent leather shoes.

Thomas said she wants to see a rule addressing “see-through” clothing by requiring slips under dresses or shorts under skirts.

Nataki Pettigrew, the district’s diversity, equity and inclusion director, said some of the proposals could be perceived as “girl-shaming.”

“When I read some of this it comes across as very misogynistic, it’s very targeted to girls and I don’t want us to do that in our handbook,” Pettigrew said at the meeting.

Nice to know that not everyone on the school board is a total creep. I can only assume that Thomas wants boys walking around in see-through clothing, because that’s exactly what boys will do if a school system implements dress code that only applies to girls.

Also not mentioned here –

  1. Whether girls actually wear see-through clothing. I’ve never seen this in the decadent hellhole that is the nation’s capital, and Hamilton is considered a very conservative place, by people from Indiana. I suspect the number of Hamilton Co. school girls Thomas has seen in such attire – rather than imagined – is somewhere between none and zero.
  2. How does Thomas propose that schools confirm what girls are wearing under their skirts or dresses?
  3. Would a see-through shirt be OK if a girl wears shorts under her skirt?
  4. For that matter, how is “see-through” defined? Will teachers be equipped with little guide cards?

I suppose I shouldn’t expect Thomas to consider implementation of her desired rules. That would cut into important making-up-rules time.

Thomas also said midriffs are “risque” and she wants a rule against allowing them to be visible: “I don’t feel that the skin should be showing at all.”

Just the skin of the belly, or any skin at all? Are we talking full Klan regalia here, or can they leave off the hoods?

For that matter, what makes any part of the belly verboten in a way that the shoulder is not? And if abs are off limits, will this be the boy’s swimteam uniform next year?

And does Thomas propose exception if a girl’s belly is showing because she can’t afford maternity tops? I feel that is important to ask in a state like Indiana.

But is hard to say what people like Thomas really want, other than for random adults to feel free to scrutinize the bodies of children. And to remind normal people that when dealing with people like Thomas, there is no plan, only rule. Endless lists of increasingly ridiculous rules that they want everyone to follow, right now.

Along with shrieking tantrums and violence if people question them, about anything, including how to follow the rules.

Ah, fuck, looks like shoulders and arms are on her naughty list too.

She suggested that all shirts have sleeves and said they shouldn’t have plunging necklines or excessive back exposure.

And if you were thinking, at least this weirdo isn’t being weird about bathroom privileges … Look over there – it’s Maru! Seriously, stop reading this now.

Thomas said she wants to have “guardrails” or a statement about the frequency of bathroom visits.

I tried to warn you. But you can still stop reading.

“It’s not a secret,” Thomas said. “There is sexual behavior, there is drug behavior, there is poor behavior. It happens in the bathrooms.”

In a civilized nation child protective services would regularly check on this person’s children. Assuming they haven’t died of embarrassment because their mom shouts “STAY OUT OF THE BATHROOMS!” after them every time they leave for school.

Two other board members, including a medical doctor said this was a bad idea.

Limiting bathroom breaks would make life more of a pain in the ass for students who are having their periods, but it wouldn’t stop the bathroom sex/drug/poor behavior orgies that Thomas believes are a well-known occurrence in Hamilton County schools. By this time next year she’ll want to ban the bathrooms and make the kids wear diapers.

That would also solve the see-through skirt problem. Win/win.

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