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The GOP’s white supremacist fantasy world


Hey it’s reasonable moderate Nikki Haley, the reasonable moderate alternative to Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis:

It’s difficult for people not in the right wing bubble to grasp the extent to which 30% to 40% of the US population is sealed inside a paranoid fantasy world, in which the following truths are so self-evident they don’t require evidence of any kind:

(1) White Americans are the most discriminated-against group in America today.

(2) Almost all schools are indoctrinating white children to be self-hating tools of “woke” ideology.

(3) Colleges and universities are completely controlled by a sort of Maoist cadre, that is working to instantiate a cultural revolution that will destroy all traditional American values.

(4) The board rooms of our largest corporations are also increasingly dedicated to advancing this ideology, rather than trying to turn a profit.

(5) All of the above is even more true in regard to Christian Americans, who are now persecuted for their beliefs at a level reminiscent of the situation in second century Rome. (“Christian” here has a somewhat specialized meaning, i.e., white evangelical Protestant or integralist Catholic).

Right wing hate media, aka Fox News and its countless epigoni, broadcast this Radio Rwanda-style paranoid fantasy non-stop to tens of millions of Real Americans in the Heartland, who have internalized the white supremacist ideology it represents so thoroughly that convincing them that they inhabit a paranoid fantasy world would require nothing less than a radical conversion experience.

The point here is that the rise and potential resurrection of Donald Trump is much more a reflection of this state of affairs than the cause of it. This paranoid fantasy is simply what the Republican party now is.

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