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Rules for Sociopaths


I understand that trolling is part of the point of lists like this, and not all of it is unsound, but what the shit is this:

Don’t foist your allergies onto a dinner party.

Once, I gave a dinner party with my ex, who was a fantastic cook. He created a five-course menu and made the pasta by hand. Then a famous designer — I won’t say who — showed up with a blender filled with the ingredients for his own meal. He was on some very restricted diet. If I were on a very restricted diet or if I were gluten free, or vegan, or anything, I would not say a word to my host. At a dinner party, it’s about what the host wants to do. Just pick at what you can, then eat when you get home.  — Wendy Goodman

  • Personally I am not going to attend a dinner party where the host is indifferent about killing me.
  • I also can’t imagine being friends with a person like that — what a bizarre thing to try to establish as an etiquette norm.
  • “If you are invited to a dinner party and have an allergy/food restriction, just don’t eat anything and have dinner at home.” Imagine thinking this is more fun for everybody than…just being courteous enough to ask your guests beforehand.
  • Being able to cut dough and boil it in water doesn’t make you Thomas Keller, get over yourself, Christ. (Also, I’m pretty sure even if he was cooking at home Keller would want to know what his guests can and can’t eat.)
  • I’m curious if the editors at NYMag are also Like This, or if they really don’t like the person they’re quoting.
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