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The Collected Ukraine Patriot


I have taken the liberty of collecting the contributions of brave fighting commenter Ukraine Patriot201367, who almost all commenters will be familiar with given his sentimental yet realistic appraisals of the Ukrainian war effort. A few of my favorites:

The drone attack on Russian fleet in Sevastopol is definitely a very interesting development with many important lessons to learn. Most important lesson is that it was a great big failure because more ships were not damaged than were damaged but that is not surprising: most Ukrainian attacks in our war are not effective against superior Russian forces. But more important lesson is what the attack tells us about the ruling class of my stupid country. Volodymyr Zelenskyy decides to use drones to attack because he embraces neoliberal ideology of automation in work force as economic path forward, but many so called leftists in the decadent West do not see this. Why do you support a man who denies jobs in ship destruction to hardworking Ukrainian working classes and gives them to robots? If he stays in power, there will be no jobs left for my fascist children, Hitler Jr. and Girlnazi!


Only people who have been brainwashed by the weak and decadent Kyiv government’s long campaign of propaganda and bad information could believe that our weak, feeble “counter-attack” that only barely succeeded in pushing unstoppable Russian military heroes back to more favorable defensive positions where they wanted to be anyways is great big military success. When I read these Tweets aloud to my fascist children, Hitler Jr. and Girlnazi, and their friends, Banderite Revanchist and Colonial Oppressor, they look at me with wide eyes and say, “Father/friends’ father, why does our stupid country persist in waging this futile war to encroach on Russia’s rightful sphere of influence in its near-abroad in service of grasping NATO imperialism?” I do not have a good answer for them.


As an observer on the front lines here in Ukraine, I think Western audiences get very skewed and misleading picture of how the war is unfolding. Capturing railheads at Izyum and Kupiansk is actually pretty big strategic blunder and “unforced error” like they say in baseball. Before, Ukrainian forces were safely out of range of strikes from Russian armored trains, but now Russian trainborne forces can engage Ukrainian army directly. “Absence of Russian Air Force” is also not correct. Russia has largest, most sophisticated fleet of stealth aircraft in the world, so apparent “absence” of aircraft is actually just very clever maskirovka. Stealth aircraft are also equipped with very sophisticated stealth bombs, which are so hard to detect that many of my stupid countrymen walk around for weeks or months after successful attack without realizing they have been bombed to death by brave, unstoppable Russian military heroes. I think it is pretty bad to give defeated fascists of Ukrainian military false hope by pretending that everything is A-OK.


As a Ukrainian, I would caution against Western observers getting excited about recent developments. Like that video. With funny music, it looks like Russians are clowns. But watch it with sound off, and you see brave, unstoppable Russian military heroes conducting very sophisticated, very successful combined infantry/armor operation to destroy strategically critical Ukrainian tree. Maybe from your homes in the decadent West it looks like big Russian screwup, but without that tree, what do my fascist children, Hitler Jr. and Girlnazi, eat for firewood in brutal Ukrainian winter? Oh, I wish my stupid country had never started this war against the peace-loving people of Russia!

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