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LGM Podcast: The Foreign Policy Challenges of 2022


On Wednesday Cheryl, Dan, and myself sat down to talk through some of the major foreign policy events of 2022, following up with what those events might portend in 2023. Unsurprisingly we focused overwhelmingly on the Russia-Ukraine War, although we also saved some space for discussions of Iran and China. Sadly, we did not have time to delve into the fratricidal conflicts which continue to undermine the grip of House Windsor over the British Empire. Note also that we have generated an extremely bad transcript of the podcast (using the Zoom captioning tools) that captures much of the gist but also does considerable violence to the English language. If anyone quotes the transcript without confirming on the audio version of the podcast I will personally hunt you down and have a well-reasoned conversation about why you’re a terrible human being. We’re working through the economics of generating better transcripts, but will continue to use the bad ones for now as placeholders.

The LGM podcast is now available from a variety of corporate overlords, so please perform freedom by making your consumer choice. We would very much appreciate reviews, whether of the thoughtful written variety or just by clicking on the appropriate star. The podcast is time-consuming and expensive, so also contemplate tossing a nickel in the jar.

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