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Tulsi is just Tucker without the bow tie phase


After having endorsed numerous fascist losers in the midterms — including Joe Kent — Tulsi is taking her “talents” to the broadcast arm of the Republican Party:

One month after leaving the Democratic Party, former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is joining Fox News as a paid contributor.

A representative for the conservative-leaning cable channel confirmed Gabbard signed a deal Monday and will start appearing on its programs next week.

Gabbard, 41, pursued the 2020 Democratic nomination for president. But she has been distancing herself from the party ever since and has appeared as a frequent guest on Fox News, including its most-watched shows, “The Five” and “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

So she now has her dream job of getting paid to celebrate America’s smarmiest authoritarians rather than doing it for free:

It’s a living! This has long been obvious but if you ever thought there was anything remotely progressive about Tulsi you’re a massively gullible dumbshit.

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