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The Machinery of Death vs. the Due Process of Law


I discussed yesterday the case of Kenneth S. Smith, whose execution warrant was given the Matador’s Cape by the Supreme Court although the jury voted 11-1 not to give him a capital sentence. The execution ended up not going forward, because the idea that Alabama can “humanely” execute someone is a lie:

The majority of the Court’s pure bloodthirstiness-over-due-process calculation should really put Dobbs into proper perspective. “Life,” certainly, has nothing to do with it.

One of Bloody Sam Alito’s most nakedly immoral and lawless positions — and the competition is fierce! — is the holding of his opinion in Glossip v. Gross that torture killings by the state do not violate the Eight Amendment if the condemned prisoner cannot identify a non-torturous killing method. Oh, and Glossip is probably factually innocent! I will never forgive any reporter who told their readers that Alito was a harmless moderate, and there were way too many.

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