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What do we want? INJURIES! When do we want them? NOW!

For McDaniel’s intra-party detractors, the good news is that she now has a high-profile rival. The bad news for Republicans looking for an alternative to McDaniel is that the rival is the pillow guy.

Imagine how the Republicans will perform in the next election if instead of working with Ronna McDonald, Blake Masters and Mike Lindell join forces to unravel the completely puzzling mystery of why Republicans struggle to win elections even though they work so hard to stop the Democratic base from voting, which allows them to cling to power so they can divide their time between shouting real loud, which most people hate, and enacting policies that most people hate.

It could be a pretty big shitshow, really. But I’m going to contradict Steve Benen – author of the first political blog I ever read – and say that Mike Lindell, RNC Chair would be all good news for the GOP. Or at least the best news the GOP can expect given the path the party has chosen.

Republicans aren’t going to abandon their shitty policies so they need to keep their shitty base happy. Lacking the services of a necromancer who can bring D.C. Stephenson back from the dead, party operatives must appease orangegoliant because he has the greatest amount of what passes for charisma among white supremacists.

Putting the pillow-pushing putz who won’t stop lying about the election in charge of the RNC is sure to be a hit with the groperfuhrer and the base. Besides, Lindell is a white cishet businessperson and that gives him automatic super genius status in the GOP.

People who post off-topic comments act out bizarre fetishes with their life-sized Mike Lindell dolls that they made from MyPillows, MyPillow sheets and MyPillow house slippers. .

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