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Elon Musk and MAGA populism


Elon Musk, ULTRA-SUPERGENIUS, took over Twitter because he was impressed with the Intellectual Dork Web’s J.S. Mill For Abject Morons theories of free speech. Alas, the idea that Twitter moderating content was ipso facto bad could not survive people using his website to make fun of him:

Cancel culture is real!

In some ways, his vain attempts to explain why you should hand him $8 a month for a “Kick Me!” emoji Veblen Good ;) are even more instructive:

To be clear, that last screencap is of the unintentional parody Elon Musk account, not one of the intentional parody ones.

Anyway, it would be hard to find anything that exemplifies the alleged “populism” of the Trump/Hawley/Vance Republican Party as defining the “empowerment” as “paying the world’s richest man $100 a year for something with absolutely no value.” That’s all the Republican Party is — distributing wealth upward while claiming ordinary people have won because the libs have been owned. Whatever (piddly in context) revenue he derives from this idiotic scheme will come because there are some suckers out there who believe it, although you have to wonder how many people will keep paying the $8 when they find out the libs aren’t even being owned here and a blue checkmark doesn’t mean that anyone cares what you tweet out.

…via Murc, meet the comic artist behind the best of the intentional Musk parodies.

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