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The raw and the cooked


There have been some hiccups in the Amazon NFL coverage. But there are some real virtues. First of all, Al would never be allowed to this gloriously cranky on a network broadcast:

And the post-game crew is exceptional:

Nathaniel Hackett is one of the worst coaching hires I’ve ever seen.

But let me be frank: contrary to my expectations, Wilson has been awful. I didn’t understand either pass call, but also Wilson decided to challenge the other team’s best corner twice in critical spots — the first time with a lead, in FG range, and the Colts out of timeouts, the second with another receiver wide open in the end zone — and got burned both times. He looks completely lost and you can’t put it all on the coach. And Matt Ryan is cooked like Donald Trump’s filet mignon too.

Russ still has the arm, and he might still figure it out. But as of now 1)I owe an apology to Pete Carroll and 2)can assure Paul that the Avs still look great. LGM battle to the death/Nazim Kadri revenge game next Wednesday!

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