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Wars Waged With Gold

Henry VIII’s childhood copy of De Officiis, bearing the inscription in his hand, “Thys boke is myne Prynce Henry”

We gots a book on the way, “we” being myself, Charles Dainoff of the University of Idaho, and Geoff Williams of Transylvania University.

“The sinews of war,” posited Cicero, “are infinite money.” Can the same be said of security? Tackling this thought-provoking question, the authors of Waging War with Gold show how states across the centuries have weaponized the global finance domain—a constellation of economic, legal, and monetary relations—in order to exert influence and pursue national interests

“Timely, topical, and thought-provoking…. This is a terrific analysis of how states have tried to bend finance to their will over the ages.” —Randall Germain, Carleton University

“An important contribution to our understanding of the relationship between finance and national security, exploring how the financial sector itself offers opportunities to exert influence.” —Thomas Oatley, Tulane University

Probably not the last time you’re gonna here about the book on this here blog, but pre-orders always welcome…

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