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Protect our veterans, defend abortion


The Biden Administration has issued an interim final rule on abortion access for veterans and CHAMPVA beneficiaries. (<–You can read the rule at the link.) The rule goes into effect tomorrow, and drives home the fact that abortion is a medical service.

VA is taking this action because it has determined that providing access to abortion-related medical services is needed to protect the lives and health of veterans.

Anyone can submit a comment at www.regulations.gov starting tomorrow, so feel free to support the troops by dropping a note of support for this rule. Look for document 2022-19239.

Yes, the VA has anticipated attacks by assholes:

VA will not post on Regulations.gov public comments that make threats to individuals or institutions or suggest that the individual will take actions to harm the individual.

I assume they’re also ready for procedural attacks by assholes, and I wouldn’t bet against Republicans sticking their skinny collective ass that particular paper shredder. However, administrations are allowed to skip the proposed rule process:

This exception is limited to cases where the agency has “good cause” to find that the notice‐and‐ comment process would be “impracticable, unnecessary, or contrary to the public interest.” These situations may include emergencies where problems must be addressed immediately to avert threats to public health and safety …

For example, when a bunch of perverts have cut off women’s access to health care.

No matter whether Republicans find a way to stop or delay the rule from going into effect, it needed to be done. Now to sit back and enjoy the tears of politicians and their pet pundits who think it is dirty pool for Democrats to do things that make people’s lives better.

People who post off-topic comments think Chris Cillizza is clever and amusing.

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