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New Frontiers in Republican Voter Intimidation


What happens when the far right realizes that voter fraud is not a thing? Well, they don’t realize that, it just deepens the conspiracy. There’s a natural next step to take–taking it to people’s houses.

Kansas reaffirmed its landslide vote to uphold abortion rights after election officials on Sunday finished a recount that never had any chance of changing the outcome but was sought by an election denier and anti-abortion activist advancing baseless allegations of fraud. The exercise instead delivered a second victory for opponents of an amendment that would have stripped abortion rights from the state constitution. But the recount of such a lopsided vote, rather than building credibility in the results, risks undermining trust in elections because the process provided fringe, diehard amendment supporters an opportunity to attempt to create an aura of uncertainty surrounding the vote when, in fact, none ever existed.

For Gietzen’s part, he previously acknowledged the recount was unlikely to change the outcome but nevertheless situated it as the start of an effort to search for fraud. He suggested he and his allies would be going door to door to confront voters. “The next step is to check the registrations of the people who they say voted,” Gietzen said. “I don’t care whether they voted yes or no, it doesn’t make any difference to me. I want to know if a human being voted. So we’ll be visiting homes to see if anyone lives there – maybe 10 out of every precinct.”

State Rep. Stephanie Clayton, an Overland Park Democrat, said the recount effort struck her as an effort to punish counties that voted to protect abortion rights. “It looks insidious. It’s a two-pronged attack. It’s attacking our election system and it’s attacking, specifically, the counties that didn’t vote the way that they wanted them to,” she said. “They’re creating unnecessary work for our already overburdened election workers in what I see as an effort to put democracy itself at risk.”

I’m sure that when someone pulls a gun on these fascists who are bothering them at home, it will be the most true evidence of voter fraud ever.

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