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Cracker Barrel and White Identity Politics


This story is ridiculous. In short, Cracker Barrel, a company so racist that the Department of Justice under George W. Bush had to intervene to get it to stop segregating its customers, has decided to add fake meat to the menu. The chain’s Trump-loving clientele has freaked out because somehow it matters to them that something they would never order is on the menu, even though all their favorite dry meats and bland sides remain in their simulacrum of southern food.

The more conservative takes:

“All the more reason to stop eating at Cracker Barrel. This is not what Cracker Barrel was to be all about,” one person wrote.

“I just lost respect for a once great Tennessee company,” another injected.“

If I wanted a salad … I would in fact order a salad … stop with the plant based ‘meat’ crap,” wrote a third.

“Oh Noes … the Cracker Barrel has gone WOKE!!! It really is the end times …,” another commented.

End times indeed.

Social media being what it is, the wags were out in force.

“Imagine getting upset because a menu option exists at a restaurant. Relax, Trumpers,” another added.

Then there were the comedic, the cruel and the anti-boomer rants:

“This rocks, now I have an option for me and the loud boomers won’t be there because they’re scared of plants!”

“How can the US possibly survive with *checks notes* more menu options at Cracker Barrell?”

“Some of y’all are working on your third Cracker Barrel heart attack, being so upset about something you don’t even have to eat.”

What a time to be alive.

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