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The Battle of Snake Island


Battle of Snake Island appears to be over.

I will give this to the Russians; once it became apparent that they’re grip on Snake Island was untenable, they cut bait and even tried to turn it into a PR victory. Most of the analytical folks I read were of a mind that the Russians would eventually have to bug out, but I think it surprised a lot of people just how rapidly they withdrew. A bit more at 1945:

Part of the story of the Snake Island Campaign involves the transfer of increasingly lethal Western equipment to Ukraine. Although HarpoonExocet, and Norwegian Naval Strike missiles did not reclaim Snake Island on their own, they certainly changed the nature of the strategic situation for Russia. Harpoon missiles helped sank a Russian tug that was attempting to deliver supplies to the island last month, and the growing effectiveness of what amounts to Ukrainian shore artillery made it impossible for Russia to reliably reinforce and resupply Snake Island.

The Russian occupation of Snake Island could have been a major annoyance for NATO, given its location near the Danube delta. It also threatened long-term Ukrainian maritime export prospects. The Ukrainians would have had to pay dearly to get the island back in any foreseeable peace negotiation, so it’s fortunate that they managed to take it back by force.

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