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Republicans: state laws banning contraception are uncommonly sensible


The House has passed a law codifying a national right to use contraceptives. Virtually the entire Republican conference voted against it:

The House on Thursday passed legislation to codify access to contraception nationwide, moving over almost unanimous Republican opposition to protect a right that is regarded as newly under threat after the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The measure is almost certain to fail in the evenly divided Senate, where most Republicans are also likely to be opposed. The vote was the latest election-year move by Democrats to draw a sharp distinction with Republicans on a social issue that has broad support.

The measure passed 228 to 195, with eight Republicans joining Democrats in support. It would protect the right to purchase and use contraception without government restriction. The legislation drew only slightly more Republican support than two bills that the House passed last week, which aimed to ensure access to abortion in the post-Roe era; almost all Republicans were united in opposition.

What’s the point of taking away a woman’s reproductive autonomy if you can’t go all the way? What fun is making a woman carry a rapist’s child to term if Plan B exists to allow her a measure of dignity and autonomy? Brutal misogyny is a seamless web!

The idea that overruling Roe has no logical implications for the right to privacy and sexual autonomy more generally is absurd, and when the rubber hits the road Republicans don’t think so either. Banning forms of contraception that women have control over is central to the core Republican project of obliterating their reproductive autonomy.

…Important update:

I’m beginning to think that when you actually try to articulate a pretextual “states’ rights!” argument you always sound like an abject moron.

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