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Never heard this one before


This blog evidently had not been kind to Tucker Carlson’s de facto co host for some time now, but imagine having so little dignity that you’d pretend to believe this shit:

“I oppose the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act because I believe marriage policy should be left to the states, with Notably Rare Exceptions. Also, stay tuned for my new video on PeterThiel dot com where I will explain that when George Wallace declared ‘segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever,’ this wasn’t due to opposition to racial equality but to his view that individual states have always regulated schools, not the federal government.”

If you’re going to debase yourself like this, I would recommend finding better people to simp for 24/7 than Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson. and their most ridiculous lickspittles. Anyway, when people say that they like the idea of Ron Paul becoming president you should believe them.

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