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Alan Dershowitz gets letters, and I never thought it would happen to them:

Hello Mr. Dershowitz.. This is not a question but a comment, I bought your book from Amazon titled “THE CASE FOR LIBERALISM IN AN AGE OF EXTREMISM OR WHY I LEFT THE LEFT AND CAN’T JOIN THE RIGHT.  My first comment is that I find it very easy reading and easy for me to understand. [LOL-ed.] The other thing that I would  like to mention to you is something that I’ve never ever experienced in my entire life. I was reading your book yesterday at the beach, when some guys who I was playing beach volleyball with, asked me about the book that I was reading, and so I showed them the book. They then asked me why I chose this book, and so I told them that I had a great deal of respect for the author. The next thing that happened came as a total shock to me. Without warning, I was slugged and punched in the face. I asked why was that called for, and I was told that it’s because his political view point and mine differ. I told them that I get it that our view points differ, but why can’t we be at least civil about it. With that, he laughed, shoved me once again onto the sand, and kicked sand all over me.

I personally am deeply, deeply outraged by this true event which I definitely think happened as described. Hopefully the Times has a a reporter or six to get to the bottom of this incident which definitely occurred in real life because Campus PC has simply never been more threatening to my fragile masculinity.

…He’s still at it! Someone inform Dean Baquet.

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