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Climate Change and Kentucky


I don’t necessarily care for the snarky attitude (it’s a REALLY red state) but this nevertheless does helpfully describe some of the climate issues that Andy Beshear and other red state governors face:

But others on Twitter were quick to attack him, saying that the answer to the “why” was obviously climate change, an issue the governor rarely discusses. His statewide energy plan, for example, does not include any mention of the words “climate change,” though he loves to talk about two planned new manufacturing plants for electric vehicle batteries, to be built along the Interstate-65 corridor south of Louisville.

Beshear is among the most popular Democratic governors in the country, with some polls giving him a 60 percent approval rating. But he is also hemmed in politically by the supermajority of Republicans controlling the Kentucky General Assembly. They are unsympathetic to the climate crisis in a state where Republicans and Democrats alike have long backed coal mining and coal burning as part of the state’s identity, even though Kentucky has been shedding coal mining jobs for decades.

Yes, climate change is relevant even to an inland Midwest/Upper South state that doesn’t have to worry about ocean levels or (generally speaking) about severe drought. This summer has been hotter than usual (and hotter earlier in summer than usual) and there have been times at which I’ve really had to struggle to convince myself to go outdoors. Lexington ain’t supposed to be Tuscaloosa.

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