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A Question For Our Attorneys


Doesn’t a crime have to be something that can be proved in court?

I ask because of the many, many proposals and perhaps laws to make abortion illegal “at conception.”

If “conception” means the fertilization of an ovum by a sperm, that usually occurs in the fallopian tube, which is famously resistant to surveillance. It might also mean the implantation of the blastocyst (the clump of cells resulting from a few divisions of the fertilized zygote) in the wall of the uterus, also very difficult to surveil.

Practically, of course, that means no abortions ever, but I guess the anti-abortion crowd doesn’t want to seem unreasonable. Or they want to emphasize the “human life begins at conception” canard. The sperm and egg are alive. The cells that produced them are alive, as is the human being in which those cells reside. As were the sperm and egg that produced that human, and so on back to the first living cell on earth.

I am so tired of the ignorance and the willingness of reporters to repeat it.

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