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The Michigan prison system responds to diversity exactly like you would expect a bunch of fascists to react.

Officials in prison systems across the United States have banned certain books as a way to prevent the flow of material that they say might incite violence.

In Michigan, the ban has extended to several non-English language dictionaries.

Over the last year, the Michigan Department of Corrections has banned dictionaries in Spanish and Swahili under claims that books’ contents are a threat to the state’s penitentiaries.

“If certain prisoners all decided to learn a very obscure language, they would be able to then speak freely in front of staff and others about introducing contraband or assaulting staff or assaulting another prisoner,” said Chris Gautz, the spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Corrections.

He says allowing prisoners to gain access to language books other than English could encourage them to organize without the knowledge of staff.

“When it’s in a language that we don’t have the ability to read ourselves and understand exactly what it is that we’re looking for, we’re not able to allow it in,” he added.

Even assuming this is a problem, I do have a crazy idea for you. How about hiring….wait for it…people who speak these languages! I know it’s impossible to find a Spanish speaker in the United States of America in 2022 so what am I thinking?

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