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But it’s the other way


Sincerity, as far as the eye can see!

How’s Merrick Garland’s Secret Plan coming along?

The hour is getting late.

That Obama nominated this guy — who on top of everything else was turning 64 at the beginning of the SCOTUS term he was supposed to join — to a precious Supreme Court seat, and then Biden tapped him for the most critical job in his administration, just screams “institutionalists will be the death of us all” more than every David Broder column ever written.

Yeah I know he actually prosecuted a white supremacist mass murderer for blowing up a day care and the federal building on top of it. I’ve never quite understood why that was supposed to demonstrate that he was some kind of hard man, given that it’s literally impossible to imagine anybody in Garland’s position at the time doing anything differently.

Oh wait, I can imagine somebody doing it differently: whoever is running things at the DOJ during Trump’s second term, which won’t be falangist squish Bill Barr. It’ll probably be Lin Wood or Kraken Lady.

I kid, I kid! It will be somebody 3% less crazy and therefore slightly more competent. And won’t Merrick Garland be surprised when all those Democrat politicians get prosecuted for the crime of kinda sorta investigating the Trump administration’s attempt to overthrow the government. Where’s the comity?

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