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The Crashing Wave of Conservative Repression of America


There was a small rally about abortion rights on campus today. There were only about 25 people there–terrible weather, finals week, thrown together at the last second. These things are what they are. However, I did speak and basically what I said is what I would say to each and every one of you. Most of you don’t really need this stated, but I will state it anyway.

My messages was to WAKE UP!! Republicans don’t care about your rally. They care about power. While we are talking about hypocrisy, they are working the system to overturn Obergfell and overturn Griswold and maybe down the road to overturn Loving as well. All you have to do to understand what Republicans are about is to listen to their own words and believe them. This leads us to one of the paradoxes of contemporary liberalism, which is that liberals have a far greater tendency than other sectors of the population to follow what government officials are saying, but also get peace from NPR or the New York Times columnists arguing that it really isn’t going to be that bad, that the institutions will hold, and that no one is really going to take away our rights. Well, that’s just not true. I think it’s impossible to overstate just how far they want to go. And again, it’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s just taking their words seriously. And even if all of this is politically unpopular, well, that’s why you have the evisceration of the Voting Rights Act, extreme gerrymandering, attempts at the state level to not allow college students to vote in the district where the university is located, and of course the coup attempt in January 2021.

Again, I don’t really think most of you need to hear these things at this point. I was highly delighted to see so little pushback earlier today to Paul’s entirely correct post about Sotomayor needing to retire. But these are the messages you need to be telling everyone, very much including your liberal friends who might not be LGM readers.

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