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QANON, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and the sex obsessions of the American right


The standard reaction among Reasonable Liberals ™ to Marjorie Taylor Greene is that she’s a fringe figure who can be ignored because she’s a fringe figure who can be ignored.

In fact MTG is a featured speaker at Donald Trump’s rallies, and Donald Trump remains the unchallenged leader of the entire Republican party, despite endless Reasonable Liberal fantasies that he’s somehow just going to fade away and be replaced by Ron Desantis (As if that would represent some sort of improvement, which is questionable to say the least, given that Desantis is much smarter and harder working than Trump. He does seem to lack Trump’s sociopathic charisma; on the third hand cultic charisma is a notoriously hard thing for people outside a cult to detect).

MTG is a straight-up QAnon conspiracy monger, and the QAnon conspiracy is all about how Democrats just want to rape your children:

It hasn’t been noted enough that the whole QAnon they want to rape our kids thing is a direct extension of a bunch of 1980s-1990s craziness about satanic ritual abuse in preschools etc. that has been largely memory holed. Indeed ever since sex was discovered shortly after the release of the Beatles’ first LP the entire American right wing has been pretty much in a non-stop moral panic about the sexual mores of Those People. Here’s MTG at another Trump rally ten days ago:

It’s completely characteristic of the right wing cult that the Republican party has become that MTG’s own extremely colorful personal sexual history presents no bar whatsoever to her making the defense of traditional mores in such matters the centerpiece of her lunatic ravings.

And again, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a fringe figure in American politics in exactly the same way that Donald Trump is a fringe figure in American politics. The continuing level of denial from liberals, moderates, and of course horseshoe theory fake leftists regarding all this is one of the most disturbing things about it.

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