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Today in Trump Judges

Political newcomer Madison Cawthorn defeated Lynda Bennett for the GOP nomination in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District. Cawthorn will face Democrat Moe Davis in November.

Oh OK, this is normal and not at all problematic.

U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-Hendersonville, will not face a legal challenge to his candidacy based on claims that his actions on and around Jan. 6, 2021, violated a section of the U.S. Constitution meant to keep Confederates out of federal office, a federal judge ruled Friday. 

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Myers II, appointed by then-President Donald Trump in 2019, said there is a possible harm to democracy when political opponents use challenge statutes to keep opposing candidates for office off the ballot. 

“The federal court is tasked with protecting the soap box, the ballot box and the jury box,” Myers said. “And when these fail, people proceed to the ammunition box.” 

“If we don’t let this fascist on the ballot, people will probably start killing Democrats which I totally wouldn’t support” is some kind of jurisprudence.

I do wonder if these people realize that eventually the left and liberals could also pick up the ammunition box. But I know that they do not because it’s the same attitude the South had about the North before the Civil War–liberals aren’t men and they are wimpy and those soy boys will never pick up a weapon like I have in my big manly truck.

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