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Campus PC is the most out of control it’s ever been


Texas Lt. Führer Dan Patrick is calling for the end of tenure in Texas higher ed, and for teaching “critical race theory” to be a fireable offense:

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he plans to propose ending all tenure in Texas for new hires and revoking tenure for faculty who teach critical race theory, a framework of scholarship to examine racism.

Patrick spoke during a news conference on Friday in response to a resolution by the Faculty Council at the University of Texas to affirm their academic freedom to teach about race, gender justice and critical race theory. He also suggested that tenure could be reviewed annually instead of every six years. 

“Tenure, it’s time that that comes to an end in Texas,” Patrick said. “Right now, tenure is reviewed about every six years, and pretty much anything you do in those six years, there’s nothing the university could do about it. They can’t fire you.”

Patrick said he had spoken to Board of Regents members and university leaders across the state who believe tenure has outlived its time because they don’t have control of the universities. He said he has the support of Sen. Brandon Creighton, R-Conroe, chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee, on his proposals.

“We are not going to allow a handful of professors who do not do not represent the entire group to teach, and indoctrinate students with critical race theory that we are inherently racist as a nation,” Patrick said. 

UT faculty members approved the resolution on Monday partly in response to legislation around the country seeking to limit discussions involving race in schools, colleges and universities. The resolution states that educators, not politicians, should make decisions about what to teach.

Remember when the people behind Bari Weiss University chose Texas because it was uniquely conducive to open academic discourse, which you knew because Elon Musk moved there? Good times! I assume they will respond to this with a SubStack firmly denouncing a sophomore at Occidental College who suggested to a campus reporter that Beef-a-roni mixed with Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup shouldn’t be called “Dan Dan noodles.”

One of the things I believe is that 20 years from now tenure won’t exist in any meaningful form at any public universities in a Republican-controlled state.

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