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Today among the MAGA anti-vaxx industrial complex


RFK Jr. and assorted other cranks held an anti-vaxx protest with very predictable results:

The man knows how to play to his audience, give him that:

While language referencing totalitarianism was common throughout the speeches, references to the Holocaust were found largely on signs, one of which read, “Make the Nuremberg Code great again!” and another read, “Bring back the Nuremberg Trials.” The Nuremberg Code delineated “permissible medical experiments” on human subjects and stated that such experiments must be for the good of society and satisfy moral, ethical and legal concepts. The code was established during the prosecution of German doctors who subjected Jews to torturous medical experiments. Another sign with clear anti-Semitic sentiments read, “Corrupt, N.I.H., Big Pharma Mafia, Big C.D.C. Cartel; Big Fraud Media: Your circumcision is dividing America! You all have foreskin-blood stained money in your thug hands!!”

Meanwhile. John Stockton has had his tickets for Gonzaga basketball suspended because he insists on Doing His Own Research, and responded by apparently setting himself up for a future Senate run from Idaho:

That’s the problem with conspiracy theorizing, you have to keep increasing the dosage to get the same high.

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