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The platonic ideal of Green Lanternism


Peter Baker is the Chief White House Correspondent for the Paper of Record:

Yes, the reason that the Supreme Court struck down the test-or-vaccinate mandate is that Biden just wasn’t persuasive enough. If only he had an argument as persuasive as, say, “if the OSHA has the power to impose a test-or-vaccine mandate, why didn’t is use it against the threat posed by a pandemic that ended more than a decade before the agency was formed CHECKMATE LIBS!” No idea why the Biden administration couldn’t come up with that kind of persuasive argument to persuade the judges who were definitely open to persuasion, and aren’t hardcore partisan hacks who would have voted the same way had the states just submitted a “Let’s Go Brandon” gif (which they more or less did.)

Next lesson: how the president who couldn’t get a Supreme Court nominee confirmed with a 58-42 majority proves that Biden could have gotten Krysten Sinema to vote to end the filibuster if he had just invaded her personal space at made her watch him take a piss, but he Didn’t Even Try.

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