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Protocols of the elders of Philly


Remember Amy Wax, the totally not-racist Penn law professor who was subjected to an Internet lynching by the Woke Mob after she shared some totally not-racist opinions about how the problem with America is the Blacks? (Also too the Mexicans).

Well she’s back, to tell us that the Asians are a big problem too:

I have great respect for George Lee and his efforts to preserve the admissions requirements for exam high schools in New York City, and I have joined him in this cause. But I think he is too optimistic about the influence of Asians and Asian immigrants on our polity and culture. Although Lee is right that Asians vary in their political views, as do all groups, the important and often overlooked question is “how many?” Enoch Powell asked that question about third-world immigration to Britain decades ago . . .

Uh oh.

. . . and was excoriated and ostracized for it, but the importance and wisdom of the question prove themselves over and over. 

Hey I think that’s called Cancel Culture, and it’s bad, real bad. I mean we’re just asking questions here. Actually we’re not going to ask questions: we’re just going to go ahead and make the most literal racist statements possible, in the name of brave truth telling naturalmente:

Numbers matter, a lot! In the case of Asians in the U.S., the overwhelming majority vote Democratic. In my opinion, the Democratic Party is a pernicious influence and force in our country today. It advocates for “wokeness,” demands equal outcomes despite clear individual and group differences in talent, ability, and drive, mindlessly valorizes blacks (the group most responsible for anti-Asian violence) regardless of behavior or self-inflicted wounds, sneers at traditional family forms, undermines and disparages the advantages of personal responsibility, hard work, and accountability, and attacks the meritocracy.

Amy Wax is saying that the blacks as a group have less talent, ability, and drive than the superior races (the whites and the Asians in case you’re scoring at home). She’s not saying something that could be construed that way by the Woke Mob: she’s saying that in the most explicit way possible that doesn’t involve shouting the n word at a car full of illegal aliens from your jacked up F-150 with the Trump stickers and the mud flaps with the hot girls on them. I mean she’s being genteel about it — this is the Substack Ivy League after all — but otherwise she’s decided she’s going to just come right out and scream it.

It doesn’t get better from there:

I confess I find Asian support for these policies mystifying, as I fail to see how they are in Asians’ interest. We can speculate (and, yes, generalize) about Asians’ desire to please the elite, single-minded focus on self-advancement, conformity and obsequiousness, lack of deep post-Enlightenment conviction, timidity toward centralized authority (however unreasoned), indifference to liberty, lack of thoughtful and audacious individualism, and excessive tolerance for bossy, mindless social engineering, etc.

On one level I realize it’s not good to dignify this kind of thing with a response, but I really can’t help pointing out the extremely subtle and esoteric fact that Asia is a pretty big place, that “Asians” are not actually all alike, and that indeed two different countries like, say, China and Japan are quite different from each other in a number of non-trivial ways.

This is before you get to the added complexity that the whole idea of your average Chinaman is itself nothing but a racist fantasy, because the residents of (say) that particular country belong to a multitude of different ethnic and language and cultural groups, that vary radically from each other in all sorts of ways. Kind of like America when you think about it, which Amy Wax doesn’t, because she’s, you know, a racist.

You think we’re done here? Oh we’re not done here, not by a damn sight:

Maybe it’s just that Democrats love open borders, and Asians want more Asians here.  Perhaps they (and especially their distaff element) are just mesmerized by the feel-good cult of “diversity.”

I haven’t heard the word “distaff” used in any other context but a horse race in basically forever.

 I don’t know the answer.  But as long as most Asians support Democrats and help to advance their positions, I think the United States is better off with fewer Asians and less Asian immigration. There needs to be more focus on people who are already here, and especially the core (and neglected) “legacy” population, and a push to return to traditional concepts and institutions and Charles Murray’s “American Creed.”

Ah yes, the “legacy population” that’s being neglected.

I’ve noticed recently that there’s a striking similarity in the mentality of fascists in general and American white supremacists in particular.

At the core of fascism is the deeply contradictory idea that a weak, degenerate, and yet somehow all-powerful Enemy must be defeated at all costs, but at the same time can never be defeated, since achieving this goal would remove the entire basis for the ideology.

In America, white supremacy is based on the idea that white people are the “core” of the country, both numerically and in particular in regard to their superior talents and culture. Yet at the same time this group is marginalized, despised, and discriminated against by the degenerate yet somehow still all-powerful Others, via I suppose a conspiracy so vast that no one dare call it treason. Thus the white man is at all times both master and victim.

And who are those Others exactly, I wonder? Could they be cosmopolitan globalists who manipulate our urban populations by keeping them in a perpetual child-like and riotous dependency, so that their votes can then be “harvested?”

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