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Meat Loaf Joins the Great Van/Clapton Horse Paste Heaven in the Sky


Brother Noon lays it out:

Theatrical rock superstar Meat Loaf, whose Bat Out of Hell is one of the bestselling albums of all time, has died at the age of 74. Reports say the singer and actor had recently fallen sick with COVID-19.

In May, he posted a clip of Eric Clapton’s anti-lockdown song “Stand and Deliver,” and, in what appears to be one of his last interviews, Meat Loaf appeared to be losing patience with pandemic measures.

Speaking to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in August last year, he told the interviewer “I hug people in the middle of COVID,” and said: “I understood stopping life for a little while, but they cannot continue to stop life because of politics. And right now they’re stopping because of politics.”

The singer went on to complain about being asked to wear a mask on a plane, stating that he didn’t believe paper masks were as good at N95s at stopping the coronavirus from spreading. “We had to go on the airplane with the paper masks and then on the way back, we got a Nazi: ‘Get your mask on now!’ They’re power-mad now,” he told the paper.

After the interviewer replied “Oh, God. We’re being controlled by everybody,” the singer responded ominously: “Yeah, I know. But not me. If I die, I die, but I’m not going to be controlled.”

Sometimes in life, you get what you ask for.

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